Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Socks, but plain ones

These socks remind me of monkey socks.

That crisp white toe just makes me laugh. Laughing is good, since it will put happy thoughts into this sock. Happy socks will mean happy feet, right?

Its sort of a welcome relief to knit plain and simple socks out of big yarn.

I might do simple socks again. I have a fair bit of yarn from the vest, 3 or 4 skeins bought when it wasn't going to be all the Ragg acrylic, that ended up being a different dye lot (I know I know, I have a history) . That yarn ought to make great tv watching socks. Its soft, its fairly thick and its very sturdy and washable. Our basement has very chilly floors, and the big animal slippers we got as gifts a few years ago are pretty much worn out so warm super thick socks are on the NEED list. They'll also make good socks for those among my family who don't wear animal fibres.

I'm going to ignore the shawl for a wee bit. I'm not filled with love for it at the moment. Sort of like the vest. Its a great yarn bound up in a stupid counting error. I'm thinking kindergarten would be good for the next class I take. 1....2...3...

If anyone out there knows of a great non animal fibre sock yarn, let me know. I'm looking.

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