Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Here a sock, there a sock,

One sock down, second sock on the needles and mid foot. Nice mindless knitting for what ails you.

That is how I feel. Ailing. Like an overtired child, I have nothing to grump about and yet, I'm grumpy anyway. I'm currently deciding if I will get over it, only I haven't been able to put a finger on just what 'it' is. I'm restless, and tetchy, and would chew out St. Nick if he looks at me wrong. I could list a hundred things, and and none of them are it.

A lot of people think its the cold that they run from as they rush off on winter vacations. I like the cold. Well reasonable cold anyway. Even down to -23 I can live with. It wouldn't be a real season if it didn't spend some time at bitterly cold. I don't want to run from the cold.

I want to run from the dark. I hate this time of year at this latitude. I can't imagine how I would cope way up north. I only know, this increasing darkness as December comes calling makes me feel as if I am a bear. I just want to hibernate, and hide out, and snuggle into something warm and comfy and stay there till the the sun is a little higher in the sky and stays up a little longer.

This is the time of year when all I really want is January.


ambermoggie said...

I know the feeling:) I always find that when Samhain comes and the wheel turns towards the dark half of the year I want to sleep more, my energy levels are much lower and I am very lethargic. Starting new projects isn't easy. I think that cold crisp days are good though when the sun shines:) Here in England today it is wet and it has beend ark most of the day

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

With you both on this one, absolutely. Only saying to DH on the way back in the car today from a long and tiring trip in the pouring rain, that all I really wanted to do was hibernate until spring. Don't want to start new projects, yet fed up with the old ones, pulling stash around, spending far too much time snuggled up reading... maybe it's nature coming through?

Gina said...

I need my the morning and in the afternoon. My spirits are better with more sunlight. I hear ya...