Thursday, 15 November 2007

It's Thursday right?

All week long, I've been suffering with one of those weeks where the days are not lining up properly. Tuesday was Wednesday, and Wednesday was Monday. I've got things I was supposed to do that I didn't and things that are still keeping me on edge because I thought I was supposed to do them yesterday, but no it's today... I've lost the setting on my internal clock. I hope its a good weekend, cause if that doesn't reset me, nothing will.

I had hoped to get the shawl

finished before this weekend, so I could stretch it, so it could be an amazing FINISHED object that was more than socks. But here I sit, with miles of the thing left, and I don't have any socks finished to show for it. The rows are starting to get really long. There are not a lot of rows being completed in an hour. I intend to persevere and maybe if I am saintly and work each lunch, and each evening and a couple in the morning before work, the ball of yarn will shrink, the shawl will grow and I will have a lovely light warm little accessory to wear. Its just not going to be on schedule. (I might not make expectation for holiday giving, but I have not gotten over the deadline effect on things I make for myself)

Its probably better this way.

Next week Monday and Tuesday, Annie Modesitt is in town. And I, by dint of great good fortune and abandoning work, am going to take some of her classes. I would have liked to take all 4 classes, but skipping out from work for 2 days is not possible according to the powers that be.

I am enrolled in her combined knitting class which you might think is odd seeing how I knit sort of. But to me this is like knitting 101. I knit my way, with nothing approaching technical correctness. I have come to doubt the ability of my eyes to see if I am twisting a stitch or not, and I just really want to know how I should be doing those darn decreases. Learning what I have over the past few months, makes me hunger for more, sort of like needing to hear the rest of the Paul Harvey story once you hear his hook. I want to learn it better. It seems a lifetime of not really knowing why I could not do it like everyone else is culminating into I darn tootin' am going to.

I am also enrolled in her lace class. With my new knowledge from the morning class, I hope to be able to manage the lace. I am really looking forward to coming to understand how all the little yo's, decreases and increases, end up making such perfection. Its not that I denigrate crocheted lace at all, its just that crocheted lace is par for the course for me. It has been there my whole life, and this, this is new and fertile ground.

So, maybe I will have pictures of an almost complete shawl on Monday, and maybe I won't but either way, I will have a shawl sometime. I have a wonderful day next week to look forward to, and I have the prospect of much better knitting to come, some of it using some of the gorgeous lace weights that seem to keep finding their way to my house.


Gina said...
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Gina said...

( I can't spell...and I wish there was a way to edit a comment..anyhoo) Oh, I can't wait to read about how your class is with Annie. I follow her blog...and her classes just sound amazing. Have a super time! And enjoy the day off from work!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time. I'm thinking of taking a class too. Certainly socks, and maybe lace, too. Some day soon, I'm going to post some pics of my knitted rectangles.


p.s. kb liked the scarf.

Chris S. said...

Hi. Got here from the Yarn Harlot. Love the shawl - that's one of the next things to go on my needles, if I can get some other stuff finished first. Trying to make a promise to myself that between Christmas and New Year's Day I'm going to relax and knit only for me. Yeah, right! Enjoyed your postings, I'll visit again.