Tuesday, 13 November 2007

If you live in a forest

you know that sometimes, this just happens.

It was the spruce behind the house to the right in this blog of long ago. If you look hard at the second picture, one bench is all that was lost to the tree's ending (just to the left of the slender birch trunks standing straight). Nice bench too. You see the tree trunk to the left in the third picutre? Dead Tree. The dead one stands yet, though with the strong winds we are getting today, it might still fall.

Just behind the root mass in the third photo is Mr. Needles newly constructed wood shed. We won't be going far to fill it will we? Firewood anyone.

I'll miss you, Tree. May your spirit go to wherever the fairies and gnomes direct you.


Sandra said...

I always hate to lose any of our trees - either at home or at the cottage. That reminds me - I must get an arbourist in to check our Sugar Maple. It's not doing well...

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so sad. GD