Monday, 22 October 2007

The Measuring Tape is Not My Friend.

I had a wonderful weekend. I put in a bunch of time on the green blanket, but still have a little more to go. I am considering putting them together with cream, but I think that is just to make it a little more exciting. I'm at the brain dead stage of the piece, I think, and coming up with ideas makes things move along more pleasantly.

And socks. much work on socks. I finished toes in both, I knit ribbing and used up all but the little bit I like to keep back in case they need darning. I love how long these socks are. They go well up the leg of SS, and with the slightly longer foot, they should fit SS's mom perfectly.

So I will be ripping them tonite.

Yes, that's right. After everything was done, after all the ribbing, just before I tucked in all the ends and blocked them, I laid them out together. I admired the toes. I admired the heel turns (they are perfect, I tell you, perfect). I admired that the heel flaps are exactly the same size. I admired the way the tiny pattern went up the calf, I admired the ribbing. OK, I need practise for perfection with the purling, but each one is better, and I admired them all the same. I admired how the calves matched... Wait, what's that? Oh, the calves. They don't match.

I measured them, I remeasured them, I measured them a couple different ways, and the two measured out the same. I counted the little tiny pattern holes. Same count. BUT the socks and the yarn have chosen to be other than perfectly matchy matchy. They have decided to do things their way.

Tonite I will rip back the taller of the two, and will rework the top 4 rounds plain, and will then rework the ribbing. I do have enough yarn to make the shorter one longer, but I'm not sure I can make the pattern stitches look the same working up the leg, so I will take that measly half an inch off the longer sock.

I know that the problem has to be me, being a little cavalier with the tape measure or maybe its more that I am using a cavalier type of tape measure, I really can't say, but after this, I am never using any tape but my metal tape measure again. On an extremely flat surface. After blocking.

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