Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Strange things happen

I'm working on a scarf to match Calorimetry, and I realized Saturday, that I was going to need more of the Paton's Classic if I want the scarf to be reasonably long. I described my yarn misadventures at Micheals previously but since Micheals is where I picked up the first skein, it was where I went to pick up a wee bit more.

I am not responsible for what happened. I seem to be incapable of restraint. I think I'll plead insantiy. They had enough of one dye lot to do what I wanted with it. Well enough to do the fronts, since I already decided the back and sleeves will be plain. I don't think I should be allowed in yarn stores anymore.

There is good news too. The sweater is looking like this.

I am pleased with it so far. I'm working on the sleeves, putting a cable up the centre. When I look at the sweater in the photo, I get the strong feeling that the same cable up the centre of the sleeve is too heavy looking. A plain sleeve with a narrow band of blue along the bottom edge might be better. If anyone has any opinions on it, I'd appreciate it. If I go with a narrow band on the sleeve edges, I think I would repeat it on the bottom, and collar edges too. It would give me my bit of variation, without the blue overtaking the look of the Ragg yarn. I'm really enjoying this Mary Maxim yarn. Its lovely too work with.

I also spent a while taking pictures of completed projects in my study. 8 other handmade items in this room alone. That's not even counting the little box with the pincushion lid, or the little basket. You'll see them the next time my projects are driving me batty. Its going to be cheaper for me too, since contemplating all the nice things I have done, will mean I won't be obsessing about purchasing yarn.

I leave you today with my sock yarn. The pitiful version,

And just look at how nice it looks with the addtion of a little red. Another day or two will add some blues. I might keep the lid on my stashes, but I appreciate how great they look.

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Gina said...

The sweater is beautiful. I would not do the cables on the arms...too much. Yummy yarn as always. I was thinking that I needed a felted purse for the fall....off to get some wool.