Monday, 17 September 2007

Slow start

Its sort of a slow start today. I attended court this morning (NO it wasn't me) to ensure that a certain matter did not simply disappear. Traffic court is dull, and no they did not allow me to knit. I don't think Mr. Security would have allowed me to crochet either. I did not challenge him. When I picked it up, he was in the middle of being ribbed by police type people about taking up a hobby, so I came to his defense and offered to teach them to knit. The ribber laughed really hard at this, and the ribbee gave me my yarn back right quick, and even held the door for me. I think he wanted me out of there fast.

That said, I had the chance to deal with my colour problem.

Isn't that nice? As you can see, I had no problem getting some of it onto a needles. (This photo is not a good one at all, colour wise) It may have to come off for the short term. I do have holiday socks to make, one with a pattern, I don't know which one yet (breathe woman, breathe), so I really have no business doing socks for me. But it was so bright. But it called me. It was almost crying. Sigh, I know better than to fall for a yarns siren call, and yet...

I did finish the Romney sock yarn socks.I'm wearing them right now. Lovely. Wonderful. Warm. I will have fall for this yarns siren song before too long, I'm certain. These are shorty socks, so I have enough left to make another pair, if I do the toes, heels and ribbing in something else. I'll have to go looking for a very fine grey yarn to match, or maybe a pale blue solid.

I'm working on the scarf to match Calorimetry too.

Not a lot of knitting this weekend, though I planned for it. I really wanted to have both on going socks done. It was more of a cooking weekend. I prepared for a freezer full of lasagna.

I resisted the urge to make fresh buns, but I promised myself those for an evening. Knitting while making buns ought to be a very fine complimentary task. Knitting can fill in while I wait for the dough to rise. Come to think of it, I used to fill the waiting time in with doing laundry, but I have a feeling I might enjoy the knitting fill in a lot more. I could go superwoman and do some laundry too, because there is a lot of waiting time in laundry.

I won't though. I do have a reputation for sloth to keep up.

GD we are equal, trust me on this. You always had the decency to call before you visited, while I just knocked on your door. Still do, and its hardly fair at all, is it? Any cleanliness you saw at my house was false. Yes, where are those sisters? Sisters?

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