Wednesday, 12 September 2007

A Lack of Pictures

There has been a distressing lack of pictures on this blog lately. It's likely only distressing to me, but in the vast wasteland of no picture blogs, I am becoming a standout. Its not that I'm not knitting, its that the colours of things are so un-inspiring.

I'm working on a olive green blanket, which is OK in person but looks like dishwater on the screen.

I'm working on two sets of socks, both of which I am really pleased with, but they are both soft and welcoming colours, but not eye catching, bright and soul moving colours.

I'm working on the lovely Alina colourway from Blue Moon, the vest. OK this one is a lovely bright colourway. Its an anomaly. I should be working on it more.

I have the sweater project, in blues and whites, which is good, but is a calm project and I'm not feeling very calm right now.

I'm working on the little lace project at which I am stymied by the delicacy and how to get the thing to go smaller, sigh. Its yarn behaving badly at its finest.

I have a full bag of sock yarn (its a 18 beer, beer cooler, so its is large) but its colour ways are muted, heathered, aran, earthy tones but for one bright yellow set of yarns.

I have a fine order in but its not here yet. I'm not sure if its the reason I am not sleeping well, but I'm certain with bright yarns I'd feel better. I've a hankering for red. I should have bought a red colourway in this. Red 9 is looking really good this morning.

I've a need to go see some of this yarn up close. I need to see some of it in my work bag, in my basket and in my bins. We all know that there will be no escape, and that I will leave the yarn store with copious quantities (really 2 or 3) of yarn. We all know that there is no way that I can possibly leave without at least one or two unplanned purchases. We all know (OK, maybe I haven't told you about it) that River City has Louet yarns , and that my craving for those yarns, and their gorgeous colour tones is starting to raise eyebrows. We won't talk about how I dream of the basket of Loft they had last time I was there. River City Yarns is a dangerous place, and I don't go there lightly anymore.

Yellow, red, violet, lush greens, turquoise and shades of brilliant blues. I can hardly wait.

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Bonnie Thompson Zink said...

Whether or not the colours are "true" on screen, it is still very nice to see the work that Knitters produce. So post those pictures!