Thursday, 13 September 2007

In which the blogger does something about the lack of pictures

Ah today, we are back to our regularly scheduled pictures. Its about time too. And I didn't even have time to get any yarn, so the lovely thoughts of red, violet, turquoise and rich blues, vibrant yellows are still in my future.

The household is settling. Son 1 has his home iv set up. Its in the inside of his upper right arm, which is a really bad thing if you are using crutches. You can't have everything, and he is considering if he can try canes. No more runs to the hospital 3 times a day, a huge relief to all of us.

Like any other time when the immediate stress is off, we start seeing the goofy in the world. At our house, we invented the knitted ear warmer.Its not the normal band over the head kind of ear warmer. We intend these to function as independent so that a person could wear one only on the windward ear if one felt like it. Obviously we must get a handle on the bind off, but both the boy and I figure it looks pretty good. Just so you know, we were giggling pretty hard here, and it took 5 tries before the picture turned out for him shaking for laughing or me shaking for laughing.

There was serious knitting too.

A lot of knitting happened after I took this. Its almost double in length. There is something very comforting in the knit 2 purl 2 rib. I don't have to think, I can do it in the dark on the commute in to work the days I don't have a car. Apparently I need work that is even simpler than a stockinette sock.

Maybe what I was craving was a texture that is different than fingering weight yarn. I really enjoyed Calorimetry, and had these materials sitting there staring accusingly at me. I debated about making a felted bag with them, but the Loft kept talking about wanting to be featured in something long and drapey. I of course complied, so there you have it a scarf. I think those cool little shortie pink Susan Bates needles were calling my name wanting to be used too.

I also came across 2 really nice quick to work tops. I'm not sure if I could work them up before Christmas, but I might consider trying if I find a yarn that shouts Tubey, and Tempting.

I have a book to review tomorrow, a crochet one, so if you like afghans, check back then.

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