Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Back from the high country.

Back from the high country with mixed results. I worked a lot on my sweater. I'd gotten it about 2/3 complete, a row from the arm shaping when I realized that my left front matched my completed right front exactly. The blue zipper edge was on the wrong side. I ripped and then tossed the works in the bag, and let it think about itself for while. Sunday I worked about halfway back, blue zipper edge on the correct side.

If you've ever had this happen you will understand what I mean when I say, no matter how sure you are of a thing, it never hurts to check a thing again. And again. And again. I think my wee obsessive side determined not to do it again, but then I have a history with sweaters and doing things wrong multiples of times.

I did have significant sock completion, with the first of mom's socks done,

And the second one will be on the needles tonite. I also took up a ball of yarn that I haven't had any idea what to do with and started socks. This is from Redbird Knits Romney Sock yarn, colourway Cornflower. I've had mixed feelings about this yarn. It was originally going to be socks for my mom, but with her foot trouble, I didn't think she'd like them. Then I thought I could make a lace scarf and hat set, but the patterns I tried just didn't want to be made in that yarn. Someone once said a yarn will tell you what it wants to be, and this stuff really wanted to be socks, because lo and behold it did the most pleasing things in a sock. They remind me of home, and comfort. Its a springy yarn, thicker feeling once worked up even though its finer than many a sock yarn. The subtle colourings will make a sock that will be great to wear even in the most formal of offices.

I had to stop because I am going to be testing another new thing for me on this pair, the short row heel. I'm looking forward to a challenge, I expect to rip, but I hope to have figured the heel out before I go to bed tonite.

And as usual on weekends, I bite off more than I can chew. I did not get to the lace for want of warmth. My hands were just not capable of the fine movement needed for this lace.

And the vest? I think I'm going to have to think on it. The yarn might be a tad too light for the pattern, and I'm worrying about the drape of the fabric. I'm going to do a little more, and then I may have to find a yarn to team up with it to get it right. Or use a new pattern. Currently its one of the vests from Classic Crocheted Vests , the bottom picture. I'm thinking I should have chosen the heavyweight yarn.

No matter, this glorious yarn will be something special. It might not make this vest, in fact there are some of the SWS yarns that would look great with this ridged pattern. This must be how yarn stashes grow.

Camping, bye the by was good, cold but good. Next time, I'm picking a sunnier site. The only other thing that would have been really great, would have been a can opener. And chocolate. You can never have too much chocolate.

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Anonymous said...

I would have thought you'd have a preferred site at Rock Lake by now. Or does it vary depending on conditions. I have to say that I didn't go camping late last week and over the weekend because I was watching the weather forcast. And when I read your comments about hope for rain and cool and not too many people, I was jealous of you and annoyed with myself for not going. And yet I find myself checking the weather for the next couple of days to see if I can fit a night or two in before I go to Calgary on the weekend. Hope you have a good week. GD