Friday, 24 August 2007

Oh what a tangled web

Thankfully the web is not the yarn. I could not wait, I admit, I broke out the big needles last night and I've swatched a few times with Loft. Sheer. Utter. Pleasure. And the colours. Calorimetry awaits and I'm having a very very hard time resisting.

This kind of yarn is why people knit. Crocheters take heed. Don't let the knitters be the only ones playing with this luscious stuff. I think it would work up equally well crocheted. I have a feeling it would make a wonderful felted bag. That would be because it is a felting yarn, but I digress.

Crocheters need to be bolder, need to take our craft to a new level. Its really nice to see some movement over the last 10 years where top designers are paying attention to the very diverse world of crochet. Now its up to us crocheters to move out, to scale up the daring we show in our work. Go out. Get some really great yarn. Make something, small, but wonderful, just because you can.

Its very easy for me to say that while I'm working on a crocheted sweater with very basic shaping, and acrylic yarn. (I did more of that this morning. 2 rows left on the back) Its nice yarn, and I need a workhorse sweater in my wardrobe. I'm thinking about being daring. I'm wondering if cables in a solid blue going up the centre of the arm would look good, and then repeating up the center edges of the fronts. And maybe the collar should be cabled? See this is how I get into trouble. Start plain, simple, get mildly bored by the size of the thing, and start tweaking.

It has nothing to do with the simple fact that I'm sure as shooting going to be one measly ball of yarn short.

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