Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Wedding

Like all things you plan and worry over and think about for hours the wedding is done. There was a look of utter delight on the bride and grooms face as the vows were prounounced. It looked like that through my tears.

Here are the Bride and Groom.

Right away the bride's new brothers started getting her in trouble.What you can't see is the little flask of butterscotch schnapps the bestman is hiding. The bride is laughing because she already had her share.

The other bestman, was a lot more laid back, and way less sneaky. (His flask was long gone by this point). He's the fellow with the jacket casually slung over his shoulder. The groom and a bridesmaid are trading jokes.

And here is the groom with his new sister, a lovely young lady.

The entire wedding was lovely, the facility so wonderful that it's hard to beleive they let ordinary people in there (more on that later), the meal fit for kings. They did things with salmon that they should be knighted for, and there was a blueberry desert with a crust infused with berries that ... well there are no words.

And now I have to come back to work. There is always that. I wish I had more days off, I wish that there was more time to just sit and do something restful, but back to the grind. I'm going down to the river valley at lunch to work on simple socks, and get my feet back on the ground.


dmd said...

Oh what a beautiful couple.

Looks like it was a terrific event.

Anonymous said...

I had to look at Kerric's picture first because I feel like I know him! What a bunch of gorgeous young folks - the happy couple looks really happy, and what a beautiful dress. That's a great picture of broken-leg boy - beautiful eyes. Looks like it was a wonderful time.