Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Hotel Macdonald

The Hotel MacDonald is such a beautiful, nay grand hotel. From everything I heard from visitors, the beds had pillows that almost made sleeping the best thing about the place. If you clicked the link, you will see the Wedgwood Room pictured.

This was my best shot of the ornate mouldings.

The next shots are Lobby shots.sigh. Nice huh?

The doorway to the lounge.

And inside the lounge.

And finally trusty hotel employees. These guys are the cleanup crew. Even the cleanup crew dressed better and had better manners than I do.
If you ever come up to Edmonton, they do tours on Sunday afternoon's. I am going to have to take one soon.


dmd said...

I love those old CP Hotels (they will always be CP Hotels to me). Whenever we get a chance we try to stay in one or visit them. We stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge and will go to Montebello soon. On a trip to Edmonton I saw Hotel MacDonald just as graceful and elegant as the rest. Must have been a spectacular site for a wedding.

AlisonH said...

That first shot on this post is just dying to be knit. Don'tcha think? (Squints, thinks, Merino Oro laceweight, size 4s, circle starting from the center...)