Thursday, 7 June 2007

Yarns I have known and loved.

Yarn Harlot was asking about projects we just could not stop repeating because they were so much fun. I don't have a project so much as a yarn.

I have no idea what it was called, I cannot even remember what it is made of. Its a lumpy novelty yarn, in browns and blacks with a opalescent sheen thread too. It was pricey, but I wanted a warm and still stylish shawl for summer evening weddings. It was one of those times, when cost be darned, I touched those small skeins and I could not leave without it. It had to be mine.

It was like working with liquid gold, warm and almost living as it went through my hands. It's heaven when I wear the shawl I made from it, but I sure do wish I could find it again for the joy of working with it.

I have one small skein left. My plan is to make a little bag to carry when I wear the shawl. I'm looking for fittings for the closures and I came a cross Lacis, so I might have a source now for what I need. Then I'm going to work with this lovely, molten thread again.

Sigh, It send s shivers down my back just thinking about it.

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CeePee said...

Hi DR,

I return to Lamb's Pride, any weight, for so many projects. I used to buy up Knitaly yarn in tuti fruti colors to make hats for new babies.

Not so many new babies in my circle these days....

I bought, by accident, some nice green yarn on Ebay, from China -- more than 40 small skeins. I am glad the yard slips nicely through my fingers. I made the green scarf for Mo, with that.