Monday, 7 October 2019


It was an epic knitting day today.  I sat down this morning and the coffee just tasted really good and I started knitting.  I knit a couple hours in the morning, pausing just long enough for a few chores and to rest my hand and then back to knitting.

I knit some more and had a nap.

And then I knit some more till I had only two rows of colourwork left to do.  By this time I was halfway through a really good Irish drama and I just kept going till the whole section was complete and the show was done. 

It was an epic day of knitting.  My hand feels good though it can tell it did a lot of work, and my brain is a little tired from the intensity of following the pattern but it feels really good to be here. 

One more section of plain green and then the big measure to see which of my two chosen motifs will be added. 

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