Monday, 9 September 2019

A little sewing

Way back in spring,way way back, I talked about sewing some new things.  I think I even talked bout it last October when I got some very pretty plaid for some 3/4 length sleeved tops.

All that fabric has been sitting waiting for me to work on it.  I was sick of my clothes then and I am even more sick now. Plain t shirts matched my mood for a very long time, plus they were cheap and sturdy.  but they are not the me who remains.  They are not me now. 

I have been thinking of sewing while I knit.  I have been thinking of sewing as I fall asleep, leading to dreaming of new clothes.  I think more of clothes now than I did when I was 16.  As soon as dad's vest is close to done, sewing is going to commence. 

Nice soft easy shapes, stretchy fabrics with beautiful drape.  Some of it at least.    I have fabric for pants, some knit, some soft medium weight linens, some sturdy cottons.  I've even been thinking of skirts. 

I think very differently about sewing now than I did before.  I have sewn since I was 14 so I know the basics  (I do not always do the basics...), but my thinking about shapes and ease and form and fit is so very different now since I learned how to knit a shape that fits me well.  I have a different approach and a different kind of confidence.

Very shortly some of this pretty stuff is going to be sewn by me.  Wearable or not, is yet to be determined, but it will be sewn.

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