Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Just Woe

The tale of woe for today is about a single spun before the time of the great ball, aka, the winter before last.In the middle of turning it into a reasonably nice two ply,

(Note that relaxed strand at the bottom?  Reasonably nice two ply.) when one of the singles broke and the end buried itself deep into the rest of the fibre.  

I tried finding it many times since then, with no luck.  So a couple weeks ago, I  pulled a strand and broke it and an taking off the single.  It will be what it will be.

And so far, it is being pretty decent, I must say. It wants to be something grand so it is behaving and is coming off smoothly and not really with any false steps.  That blorfy bit at the end of the bobbin just sits there rather gentleman like and and floops up out of the way when I have single to wind in its path.

It is woe.  It is awful.  BUT, I am making my way through it and it will be just fine.


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