Monday, 30 April 2018

Dull Sock to Superhero

This morning I bring to you a sock, because that is all I have got.

It is a sock cobbled together from 3 different skeins of yarn, a full ball of a Kroy, a full ball of a lovely tonal grey Sisu, and the end of a well used ball of Elann A series S01 sock.  You could think of it like a monster sock only with the new balls of yarn, it really isn't.  The black yarn, the Elann, is only there to break things up in an otherwise seriously dull sock.

Sometimes sock yarn is like that - dull.  While it is fine to wear dull sock yarn socks, it is something entirely different to knit. It is dull.  Yet, it has its place.

I was babysitting kids this weekend, and Cassie was telling me that there were bugs outside and they saw a fly on the window.  They wanted to get rid of the fly, but I told them that flies have a place in the world.  Cassie, being 5, in school and completely dubious of the truth of what grandma was saying, called me on it.  I told her a fly's job was to clean up, that if you didn't wipe up the sticky chocolate syrup that you dribbled on the table while eating your pancakes, a fly would come and eat it.  I also told her that people don't like flies because they leave fly dirt (only I called it its rightful name) as much as they eat.  She then asked what mosquitoes do.  I of course replied that they take food from big animals and people and then they are food for birds and bats.  She was pretty impressed and we then started a conversation about batman and heros, because why wouldn't you.

It strikes me that these socks are sort of like that.  They are the fly of the sock world and I have to accept that knitting them might be dull and thrill me as much as fly dirt, but that they do have a place in the world, and that eventually, that place will be on my feet. That is when, even a lowly sock, will be a superhero, keeping my feet warm. 

Dull sock yarn to superhero?  Why not?

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