Thursday, 26 April 2018


Here we are, well begun

Swatching was underway yesterday in very short order after I posted.  The yarn recommends a 3.75 mm needle but I thought the fabric was a little too open for my liking.  I chose to go with a 3.5.  I may regret this as I knit because it will take ever such a small bit longer, but there is always a point in knitting a sweater where I wish the thing was a bulky yarn and my needles were size 15. Sweaters take a while.

We also have the very beginnings of the sweater.  This is knit top down of course and right now, to get the effect of the slope along one shoulder, there are lots of short rows which is fine.  I like short rows and short rows in garter stitch?  Well bonus!

I decided to start this with an i-cord cast on edge in my main colour.  It's makes such a clean edge at the start of a garment.  It felt like the right way to start with this yarn.  The yarn has an almost delicate feel totally opposite it's rustic look. It isn't that I worry about it coming apart.  I don't but it just feels so light running through my fingers.  And soft.  It is just lovely to work with.

I expect more knitting today, a lot more if I am going to get this done to wear when I need it.  The day will hold knitting.  The day is also going to hold some plying.  I finished spinning up the second bag of Lincoln fibre and  I would like to get that plyed so I can pay some attention to those marvelous bobbins of colour from the Big Ball of fibre. 

Lots to do. But first, coffee.  I didn't start my day with coffee today, an oversight which will be taken care of shortly!

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