Friday, 9 March 2018

Great Days.

I had the loveliest day yesterday.  For the last several years, a doctor's appointment, was a trip to the west side of Edmonton and consumed the better part of a whole day. The only saving grace was that I usually scheduled it to be on a day where I was in Sherwood Park already spinning.  It meant that my knit group attendance was limited and it was hard to re-establish a healthy routine. She was a good doctor, but it was time to change.

I went to my new family doctor and in less time than the previous drive, one way, I was home again.  Instead of a whole day gone, it was merely a blip in a day of getting groceries and the mail.  What used to be major is now routine and that is such a relief.  Plus I don't have to drive all the way through a major city to do it.  Huge relief.

I did all my little errands in under two hours, and then came home to knit.

I made a chai tea latte with my spiffy new frother from my niece's tea party (Steeped Tea frother.  Works great) and watched curling and had a wonderful afternoon. 

And this morning, I awoke feeling so bright and cheerful.  The sun is not quite up when I get up, but it is light enough that I don't have to turn on lights to make my coffee.  Spring is so close.  

That makes me really happy, till I think of daylight savings time, and how next week, it will once again be dark when I get up in the morning to make coffee.  I wouldn't normally worry about it and just live life according to the sun but the world around me marches to the beat of a different drummer, so I cave too.

Still, spring is coming and even stupid daylight saving measures cannot change that.  Sun will soon be hitting my bookcases full force in the morning and I look forward to it.  

This morning I took the time to enjoy the morning light while I have it and just knit to honour the tremendous privilege I have in this world.  I have sunlight, I have knitting, I have coffee and I have the time to chose these things.  How lucky is that?

Today is going to be another great day.  I am certain of it.

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