Monday, 26 February 2018

Motif Number Two

I knit all Saturday afternoon on the colourwork yoke. Then I knit about 6 more rows on Sunday.  By Sunday at noon, there was a point where my hands said whoa.  Instead of carrying on like my heart's desire, I stopped. Sunday afternoon was long.

Terribly long.
But I am glad I paid attention to my hands because today, they are fine and there will be knitting.

I should show you the knitting.  I am so pleased.

It looks pretty crunched together, but I can stretch it out nicely so I think I am not worried about it.  Well, maybe a little.,  That is what I do, but I think the biggest reason that it currently looks so crunched is the difference in the weight of the yarns.  I think they will be fine once everything is blocked.  Maybe. I'm focusing on that thought.  I already have an innovative way to sort it out.   Let's hope I never have to try out that innovation.

As the title of this post mentions I am almost at the top of this motif.  I think I have half a round left with the red and then only the black is used for a few rows.  Then there is a 4 or 5 row section with a bit of the red, and then If I recall correctly, there is only black colourwork remaining.  

The other exciting thing is that just at the end of this motif, is the first decrease set.  At first glance, it looks like there cannot possibly be enough decreases, being only one decrease per chart repeat at this point.  However, then you look at the number of repeats, and yeah.  There are enough.  And that is really good, since I have already started the second ball of the main colour.  I need there to start being fewer stitches so that I have more rows of this main colour on the body after the underarms.  

I could start worrying about the last of this main colour ending at that awkward place at my bosom, but I won't.   Because there are so many other things to worry about.

Please note, the worry I describe here is part of the fun of my knitting.  Figuring out where all this stuff ends and goes to and how things fit:  these are part of the pleasure of doing them, part of the challenge.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  That is life without a pattern perfectly described all in one simple sweater.

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