Thursday, 25 January 2018

One of the things that happens when you reorganize a space thoroughly, is that all the bits and pieces that you have lying around finished but not ready to wear or use for one reason or another, pop out.  I looked across my study  this morning to see my sadly neglected Wingspan shawl, which needs blocking and ends woven in.  That made me think of my Shaelyn shawl, which also needs blocking, which made me think of the other two shawls which needs blocking.   

Which made me think of dishcloths.  I know.  No linear thinking here.  Ripple thinking is what I do, ripple as in toss a stone in a pond and see ripples all around.  This completely describes how my brain organizes thoughts. Anyway...

Another dishcloth done and a fourth for the year well under way.  These seem to be my right before I go to bed knitting. Plain dishcloths are perfect for that and with a new shelf right behind my chair, they are sitting right at hand, if I am listening to a book or lecture at the end of the day.  I needed a photo for my dishcloth parade on my Ravelry page.  

Which made me think of socks.    I've been carrying several pairs of socks along with me and have several more on the go.  It felt like a good day to sit and record them all so I don't forget exactly what I have.  It might jog my memory next time I think I need to start more socks!

Excuse me.  I just remembered one more.  (swishes out to take photos)  It pays to do this once in a while and I have been meaning to do this since the big reorganization began. In random order, socks on the go.

Following a pattern more or less, from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks, my version of the Lichen Ribbed Sock.   

 One to show you the colour of this pretty yarn blank,

and one to see the lovely ribby pattern more clearly.  It struck me this morning how soft this yarn is.  I am going to have to work a strand of yarn across the heels on the inside to make them a bit more hard wearing.  These aren't being knitted on very fast.  They were part of last springs rash of heel flaps.  I am just not terribly fond of heel flaps.  It is part of why these are going to be shortie socks too.

What surely is my prettiest pair to date, the Brussels lace socks from Stephanie Van Der Linden's Around the World in Knitted Socks .  As you can see from sock number two, this pair is getting very close to finished.  I think I have to pay more attention to them.

Such a pretty lace.  

And my broken seed stitch socks, which are coming along nicely.  Amazing what happens when you carry socks with you.  These will be done shortly too.

Heels from one of the pairs of monster socks I knitted last year.  I've been working on these when I babysit or go to knit group.  These are the longest socks I have ever made and winter always reminds me that long socks are good too.  Knitting them was so much fun.  

This pair for my brother.  I want to make these as long as possible, hence two sets of needles to make a pair.  I want to knit to the end of the heel section of sock two and then split the remaining yarn to do the cuffs.  They would be much farther along, but I reknit the heel for sock one.  It ended up being a rather narrow heel turn, so I pulled back and redid the turn and gusset section.  Much better. 

I was struck at the way this yarn is showing up.  No flash and it reads very blue.  With flash

it reads much more green.  Looking at the socks in real life, the yarn looks different still.  It is much more dark green then either of these photos show.  I must get these done. One day, my brother will arrive and I really want to have these done to send home with him.

And then this last pair, which I am cobbling together like Monster Socks, though these are not monsters.  There was only 1 skein of the pretty grey Sisu on the shelf when I purchased it, but I knew I had a single of the Kroy multi colour that would work with it.  I am working a bit of black in here and there to give the whole thing just a bit of punch.  These are not bright socks at all, and the contrast just makes me happier.

And there we are.  That is all the socks on needles at my house.  There is a whole bag of completed pairs that need heels - or not - as well as the one here in this list, so lots of sock knitting to be going on with.  

I still have one more set of my favourite sets of sock needles empty.  Maybe I ought to start another sock?  No?  👍  

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So many beautiful socks!