Friday, 12 January 2018

I think I've got it.

So contrary to my post from earlier this week,  I may actually have a decision for that yarn.

I know.  It's an EPIC day.  I think I have settled on Matchmaker from Martina Behm.  

There are all sorts of reasons why I am going with this pattern over all the others.  One of the reasons I am going with this pattern is that its construction is very similar the Viajante.  Similar with significant differences!  I really enjoyed knitting the Viajante construction.  Just enough to remember to never feel bored.  

The second reason is that I love the multiple ways you can wear this design.  Check out the video on the pattern page.  I really do love the variety of ways to wear Viajante.  It's a great travel piece because it can be on pulled over your head head or not, piled around your neck long in the back or front, worn as a triangle and so on.  It just so versatile. 

The third reason I am going with this pattern is a line from the notes on the pattern page:  "The pattern provides 3 versions: The Pure Version for a fingering weight yarn, the DK Version and a Freestyle Version that teaches you to use a different yarn of your choice, with stripes wherever you want them."    I don't have the pattern yet, but I am hoping that it will help me use my two yarns which are, according to Ravelry, a sportweight and a worsted weight, together to make something interesting and very wearable, without running out of yarn.

That's the thing.  I want something lovely that will use up every bit of yummy goodness without leaving me hanging in the middle of a row in a critical design area.  I'm kind of hoping that there will be instructions that will guide me on using the yarn, by weight.  

It's probably a wild hope, but, just in case, I spent 10 bucks on a spiffy new scale, a nice compact kitchen scale from Starfrit  .  They were all piled at the end of an isle and were marked down.  According to the reviews, they don't measure really small amounts well, but then, most inexpensive scales are wildly divergent.  The trick is knowing how divergent your scale is.  I'm hoping this one is at least giving me the same weights consistently.  

Anyway, something new to try and something in bright wonderful stop the dead of winter blues colours and finally a decision.  So, now that my company has decided it is too freaking cold to come, not that I blame them, I will have something interesting and new to knit on.

Not that I need anything new to knit on, but that is a different story.

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