Friday, 19 January 2018

Getting there.

I finally have a picture of the little gift wrist warmers.  It took all day for him to remember to send but here they are.

Both Keith and the lady were amazed that they fit so perfectly.  As I explained to Keith, there are only two places he could have got his smarts from and he was looking at one of them: me. 😄  Actually, it is a little bit hard to go wrong with this sort of wrist warmer.  It's ribbed.  It takes more thought to keep your cast on and offs loose than it does to get the right fit in a full thumb slit wrist warmer.  But they work and she was delighted.  I am pleased.

The rest of my day was taken up with knitting this lovely thing.  All of the multi coloured Kureopatora has been used but for what I have reserved for the last section.  I am not very far from the yellow Cara being at the same point.  I think I have 8 grams to go. 

And then comes the really interesting part, the last section.  Which is pure Martina Behm magic.

The hard thing after this is going to be focusing on sweaters again after all this quick interesting knitting.  But I want to get those done to so working on them is the only way.

Point for contemplation:  It is important to knit sweaters only as fast as you can wear them out.  If you knit sweaters too fast, you will need just about as much space for your sweaters as you do for your stash.

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