Friday, 21 July 2017

The Forgotten.

Someone online asked the other day how the progress on my simple knits were going.  I had posted that I needed some simple knitting to relieve stress and and so I had something that did not need thinking about when I couldn't force myself to knit on something more complex.

And I had to stop and think.  I recalled the post where I said it. I recalled the urge.  I was pretty sure it would have been socks.  And then I hit a blank.  I had no idea what I cast on.  It was only a sweater ago and yet, my mind was blank.  I think that was a sign of just how stressful June and everything leading up to it was and how it has taken so long to really let the stress out of me.

I knew where the projects were, so I had to go digging.

I can't believe I forgot these so completely.  I can't believe that I started yet another monster sock when I already had one pair on the needles and as well as a couple other pretty pairs of socks.  

I'm laughing at myself on this one.  I caught myself wishing that I just had a plain sock somewhere and I did!

Proof positive that if yarn falls on me, I will knit with it, without blinking an eye.  Or thinking a brain it seems.   

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Anonymous said...

Stress can do funny things to an individual for sure. It seems as we get older it has even more of a detrimental effect on our minds and bodies. Luckily knitting helps to smooth the edges during bouts - thank goodness for the important things in life. Knitting and handwork has been such a godsend for me too.

Glad to hear that you are settled into your new spot and working on your loom. I've often looked at them and wondered if I wanted to move in that direction but wasn't sure if I would keep at it like I do with knitting and quilting. Enjoying watching the set up as it looks like a real commitment to get started.