Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Obsession in a good way

Strike while it's hot!  Knit while the knitting is good!  Keep at it!  Ok, that last one not on your life.  Usually, I am a many projects on the go sort of knitter.  A more is better sort of knitter.  And I have to say, I do like it that way.

Except for socks.  Monster socks in particular.  I seem to be able to obsess over the composition of them to no end.

It is a pretty bland group of yarn.  Mostly gray yarn or yarns with gray in them as a major component with touches of other colours

The yellow used here is the least favourite of all the scraps of yarn in all the bags of ends.  It's kind of a dud as far as yellows go.  Not lemony enough, not orangey enough, not sunny enough.  It looks like a dusty yellow but not in a good way.  And yet, it is fascinating watching how that yellow looks brighter here, stronger here, better here.  Against the gray, dull become interesting and leads to obsession.

 You will probably note how it looks like there should be a lot more purple and teal than there is.   That is the gray softening factor.  It takes the strong right out of those colours and makes them blend softly into the whole and almost disappear.

It is fascinating watching the colours and patterns play.  I cannot seem to put this down.  The knitting of Monstersocks is a thing that can lead to obsession. In a very good way.

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