Friday, 2 June 2017

I am doing what will be a pretty regular gig babysitting one day every two weeks.  I hope that it doesn't turn into more.  I have to admit all day everyday is just too much.  Kids are for young people and while I love my kiddies, keeping up with them is too much. Some days tv is a highly useful tool.

Today I came better prepared.  I have my wheel and my extra bobbin and my sweater to work on.  That should keep me going.  And there will be knitting for sure. 

But the big news is I ordered my loom.  I wrote about a loom the other day but let me tell you, it didn't go as planned.  No Penelope II

I got to the part where you read all the detail, and I would have to pay for shipping.  Plus with Penelope I wanted to go whole hog and get several pairs of huddles.  Loom, huddles, and shipping made it be more than I wanted to pay for an alternate loom.  Maybe down the road some day. 

I decided to put that money into what I really wanted and that is Leclrec's Voyager loom. 8 shaft, and the widest model the have.  By not investing in Penelope, I have the where with all to also order the stand with side shelves.  My original plan was to organize a stand out of what I have and could adapt, but I think I will like it better this way.  Plus it will look prettier sitting in my living room. 

Right along with the things I am doing with the sale of my house, I also picked up the new loveseat for my living room.  I already have my spinning chair on hand so the only other part of the whole change over is one chair.  Which is not currently in stock but should be next week.  Yellow checks is very popular this year. 

And with a little luck it will all be sorted and organized by Monday.  The landlord says if it isn't , he will do it himself.  That would defeat the whole point of doing it by myself.  (Though he did help pick it up.  My car is too short.) Doing by myself is part of the Ikea Experience. 

Cassie and Marcus both wish you happy weekend from their new blue house.

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