Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A Quick Good Morning

Good Morning.  

Tuesday is my out day.  Anything I need to do in the city, must be done today.  So I am listing out my chores and places to stop and there is a full day of city errands ahead of me.  

I took time for a quick post, though.  There was significant movement on the knitting front.  After almost a week without knitting on it, I picked up and worked on my little lace coverup.

I picked up all the stitches last night but my mind wasn't ready to work on lace.  This morning I was.  

I am just about ready to start the short rows.  The short rows will bring the shoulder part of the sleeve to the length that I want, without adding to the length at the underarm.  That will go a long way to keep this sleeve a wee cap sleeve rather than a full blown sleeve.  One repeat, maybe two of the lace bit and it will be just right.

And that is it for today.  Off to spinning, which is the best way to start a errand day in the city.

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