Thursday, 18 May 2017

Thinking About Socks

I find myself thinking about socks this morning and wondering why.

I started thinking about socks a couple weeks ago when I was digging in the WIP bins and my thoughts have run the gamut of sock knitting.  You could refer to every sock post I ever wrote over the years, if I had bothered to keep up the practice of tagging posts when I wrote about them, to know the course of  my thoughts.

Patterns.  Toes.  Heels.  Fit.  Love of.  Hate (occasionally). Sock yarn. Love of. Need for. And so on.  But the last few mornings I have been thinking of this.

Why am I worried about repairing all these

when my sock drawer, such as it is, looks like this?

That small empty corner is usually full of socks that are temporarily missing a partner, but today, I have all the socks washed and paired.  This alone is worth contemplating in wonder and awe, but it strikes me that if I make too many more socks, I need a bigger sock drawer.

I have plenty here to get me through 2 weeks, which seems to be the maximum time I can go between laundry days. At 2 weeks I run out of pants and skirts. It is enough socks.

Or so you might think.  Yet still, I knit socks.  This pretty little toe and it's partner sock should be given away, but since I knit a heel, I'm probably going to keep it.

But the full volume of all the socks and my need to repair and repair again before sending socks to the sock bin in the sky, does make me wonder why.

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