Sunday, 23 April 2017

There should have been more knitting


I did finish sleeve number one.  Or at least I hope I have finished it.  Once it is washed and laid out to dry after it is complete is when you really know if you are, indeed, complete.  Otherwise, it really is a maybe.

The sleeves are indeed narrow.  But they will be fine.  I did add extra stitches at the underarms, but it still is a fairly narrow sleeve.  Still the top of the sweater fits quite nicely so it is what it is.  That part I am not doing over again.

Sleeve two is about half done here.  and though I could have watched a movie and kept on knitting, I am mentally tuckered out.  It was just kind of stressful getting all the details of my house sale complete.

And yes indeed it is sold.

I thought I would be happy/upset, but in truth, in my retired state, it was more of a burden than anything.  Big old places like that need young people and I just really did not want the effort of it all. In so many ways, a big part of my heart left it when I fell in love with the farm, and the rest of me left it once Brian was gone.  It wasn't my place.  It was ours.  Even in all the paperwork of getting the sale done, I had to stop myself from writing ours instead of mine. Mine was the wee house.  Mine is this new life.

But I loved it there.  Every day for the 25 years we lived there, I thanked my maker for giving us such a place.

It will always be in my memory but it stays not so much for the place as the people I shared it with.  A house is built with bricks and stones, a home is built with love.  It really was home.

And so that chapter closes, or very nearly so and this new one truly opens and begins.  The feeling of limbo is gone and I only look forward.  And it is all very good.

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Sel and Poivre said...

YAY for new beginnings filled with knitting and kids and grandkids!