Thursday, 6 April 2017

And then it was...sort of.

Not the spinning.  I remember that now.  But I did completely forget to post to the blog yesterday morning.  Completely and utterly.  I usually think of it everyday, debating what to post, even weekends which I have always considered days off.  Posting this morning was a no go.  The dishwasher repair men were coming and I couldn't hear the bell from my room.  I had put all thoughts of it aside till I came in this afternoon, to find the blog, most remarkably, unposted.  It is a rare thing indeed and just shows the state of my mind.

I do have some knitting too.  That is what I was up to yesterday morning rather than writing, so I guess all is fair.  The last time I showed it off here, was with the third colour just begun.  I've just completed the fourth now and you can really see how soft these lovely gradations are.

It's about half the length of my coffee table, which means it is going to be a little shorter than I would like,  but it will be what it will be.  I am knitting till the yarn is gone and it ought to grow some when it is washed.

And hot on its heels, you can see the golden brown and green gradients patiently waiting their turn.

The other things I am doing today are just silly.  I am just doing general cleaning, but there were a couple pads of grid paper in a folio.  I thought it time to go through it and get rid of what I don't need any longer.

Rachel is going to be 20 in a couple weeks.  I can probably get rid of the charting of her name and pertinent details for her birth sampler.

And this newsprint?  Kind of yellowed with age, isn't it.  There was a stack in the back of my childhood grade 4 classroom and teacher always said take as much as you want.  So I did.  I never took tons at once.  Just 5 sheets or so whenever I needed some.  I might have made mistakes or not, but I needed to have some on hand just in case. Seriously needed it.  I never threw it out or wasted it. It sort of became stockpiled.  I have used it over the years as the pile is much smaller now than when my kids were small and much, much smaller than when I was young.

I even debated if I ought to be tossing it now.  And yes.  I can toss it.  It is a little fragile and with the yellowed edges a little flaky.  A lot like its keeper.

I collect stuff.  Even silly stuff.  And now is as good a time as any to sort out the silliest.

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