Sunday, 5 March 2017

I lied

There were things to sort and unpack.  As happens in this weird world we live in, where every digital device you ever had from the last 25 years, had at least 2 cords and you now have this very large box of cords sitting in your closet.  I got rid of mine.  They are sorted and sent to wherever they need to be gone to and all I am left with is a bunch of short extension power bars.  The cheap kind. I will keep those.  Every digital device that needs cords has them.  I don't know about you, but this alone counts for me, as a successful weekend.

But I also finished something.  Not the sweater.  I did knit a lot on the sweater and moved it along to well below the waist, but it is a ways from done.  Plus there is finishing of the cap sleeves and possibly a bit of a collar.  Possibly.

I finished the socks!

What a nice pattern. Nutkin by Beth LaPensee  It is as nice as the Monkey socks to knit.  It has rhythm as you go around and around and is a simple repeat that settles nicely in your head.  This marks my last heel flap for a while and it also has a more standard rounded type toe.  

My rounded to is two stitches (one for the top of foot decrease, one for bottom of the foot decrease) at each side of every second row, three times and then two stitches at each side of every row till you have ten or twelve stitches left and three needle bind off.  Because that is how I roll. A plain basic toe for a plain basic heel and a really nice almost fancy pattern.  

The yarn I used is Patons Kroy sock yarn and they were knit nice and firm.  Nice and firm in this denser than average sock yarn, yarn means it is a fairly stiff feeling product, but it will hug my foot nicely and wear like nails.  

All in all, a really nice weekend.

I have to tell you though, it feels really odd to not have a thousand things that need doing. I started packing up my things at the house in November, forever and a lifetime ago, and here we are. March. Feels a little odd, in a good way.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Those socks sound (and look) fabulous!