Thursday, 23 March 2017

A quick one

It's going to be a quick one today.  It should be a day of rest for me, but I have  things I must do.  I have a little time this morning and though I will knit on the lovely shawl or perhaps my sweater to get that finished, I feel I would like to spin.

I have always wanted to get into a routine of spinning a little bit everyday.  Knitting is so natural to me and has been from the first, but to fit spinning in has been harder.  So to feel this way in the morning is unusual.

I am working on a silk and wool pencil roving that has a very different feel on my hands.  It is just so smooth.  It is a little intriguing. 

So I might spin. Till it is time to go be busy.

I'd rather be spinning and knitting and quiet in my day today.  With a little luck, it will go fast.

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