Thursday, 23 February 2017


Inspiration is a funny thing.  It doesn't always come when you are expecting it or hoping for it.  It doesn't always come from things you expect to inspire you.  Sometimes it just comes.

One of the blogs and crafters I have long followed is Karen Ruane, a UK based artist whose chosen field is embroidery. Her blog has been on my sidebar since the beginning of time.  This is the perfect example of why she inspires me.  Colour studies and details and, oh my, just looking at her pages of stunning work makes me feel so alive.  

Another is Dances with Wool.   Her writing is deeply felt, so carefully composed and thought out, so very well written.  And still has knitting and embroidery and crafting of all sorts and kinds.  I am so blessed to be invited in to read her work.

I have a couple of treats for me that I picked up recently.  They make me believe that there are many possibilities out there to explore.

I love the delicacy of this. It feels like such a quiet rich thing is captured in these stitches, such depth.   Depth and complexity enough I think, to take you where ever you want to go.   I give you The Embroidered Garden  

Delicate and yet, in a lot of ways, I think very doable and accessible. I am pretty sure I can accomplish this.  I seriously doubt that I have true artistry, but this book makes me feel that I might get close.    

And then this.  This source of incredible uplifting inspiration. I feel completely exhilarated by this book.  

 It is just filled with things, views and techniques that make me want this so badly.

The backgrounds are all done by layering organza.  It is such a lovely, soft effect that produces a hazy sense of distance, 
 overlaid with embroidery to bring close details into crisp definitive textures.

It takes my breath away really.  She takes a very complex thing and makes it feel so simple.  

I know that I will never get there.  It takes a real artist to make this sort of beauty.  An artist with much better vision (sight rather than insight) than I have.  An artist with a much better sense of proportion and far more skill than I dream of having.  That really isn't what this is about for me.  

This book excites me and stimulates my heart of hearts.  It makes me feel alive to know that such things are possible.  It makes me feel just as I do when looking at El Greco or Van Gogh.  It touches that same place that Bach and Mozart do.

All of these people noted here, who approach to their particular artistry with such passion, each so unique, each with a distinct vision. That inspires me.

I must go knit now.  Almost finished projects beckon.  Stripes call.  And that inspires me too.

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