Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Morning Build

I wanted to get settled as soon as possible. By settled I mean that my books are out, my little knick knacks are on the shelves, and my spinning wheel is sitting in my living room. Then it will feel real. 

This is my morning build.  Coffee table and side tables.  I had dreams about what I would buy.  That lovely Ikea coffee table with the display top could have been mine.  The truth is, I will always have stuff on top.  I need a place to tuck books as they are used or being read.  I am a stacker and packer and something with a simple top is much more what I need.  So, sadly, no fancy coffee table, just a good serviceable unit that will do what I need it to do.  By going with a very simple coffee table, I could spend more on end tables.  I chose rolling tables.  I can see a hundred ways that casters will be a real benefit, plus, they do have a shelf base.  Better for books.

I like things that look put together but I don't feel the need to have 'good' furniture.  After I pass from this life, it is all just stuff. It will be excess and I don't want to burden anybody with it.  I already did that once and that is enough for a lifetime. 

So here I am on my morning build.

There was knitting yesterday instead of spinning.  I can spin next week.  Once I am sorted out.  I hope.

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