Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Painfully slow but

Things are progressing awfully slowly but there is an upside.  I did get a little knitting done this afternoon,

In between kids and puzzles and a nap.  I am really enjoying this yarn.   If I had a choice in using this and a dozen other things give me Three Irish Girls Felicity every time.

But much of my day wasn't kids or packing.  I went spinning this morning for the first time in a while and it was lovely.  I really really am enjoying getting out to spin in the company if a good friend.  It's such a pleasure watching things form on her wheel and even more amazing, form on mine.  I am working on the first of two braids of Colour Affection Polwarth in a wonderful brilliant yet softly variable coloured scarlet.  I'm kind of interested to see if it works with the red I spun earlier in the fall.   I just have a feeling.

Anyway morning comes early and I have dreams to dream and well, you know.  Stuff.

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