Sunday, 15 January 2017

And so it goes.

It's getting real.

The small things that keep reminding me who I am are starting to be packed up.  The shelves are getting bare.  I have help today, so I doing a few awkward bits and pieces today.  The yarn will go through the week.  I can move and stack that without assistance. 

The books I have here will go a little at a time.  I only have 2 book boxes here so before I can do more, I need to unpack some of the many books at the other end.  Problem is, all the shelves are here.  I anticipate a few piles before the week is done.

 By the end if the week, I hope to be done moving all the bits and pieces, so that only the furniture remains.  And the furniture goes in the truck on Saturday.  By Saturday night, I hope to be sleeping at the new place. 

By Saturday, I will be reunited with all my things, my books, my few pieces of furniture.  It is the grand sum of who I am. I'm kind of looking forward to feeling whole. 


Sel and Poivre said...

There is a singularly special feeling waking up for the first time in a new residence in one's own bed, surrounded with piles of familiar things yet in an as yet, only imagined while soon be be actual home. What an exciting prospect to look forward to! Enjoy!

Christine said...

I am so excited for you. Your new home is just beautiful.