Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Knitting or not

I am knitting.  about as much as I am spinning and gosh darn it, I can hardly wait till Next week.  Or the weekend for sure.

I have a cold and the closer Christmas comes, the less engaged I feel.  I wonder if it was always this way, but that this is the point where Brian picked me up with his own joy at the upcoming days off work.  I really don't know if this is the new or some of the old, or indeed if it is at my sort of no home of my own situation.  I keep hoping that it is something that will disappear once life feels stable.

Since the only knitting is a badly done thumb on a wee mitten for my peanut,  Mr.  Carter, I will leave you with this.

We are wearing our Icelandic Overblouse, which is exactly what I hoped for, a comfortable thing to wear as often as I can.  That Cassie has joined me in it is a surprise, but she was chilly and what else could a grandma do.

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