Thursday, 15 December 2016

Here Endeth a Day

Here endeth a long day.  Cassie had school so it was just Marcus and I, but he didn't want to settle to anything. Trouble was our middle name.

I was rather tired, but what with days being as they are, they will disappear like fine wine around a campfire, and Christmas might show up unexpectedly. I had some shopping to do to wind up the last giftsand if not tonight, when.  So I did that and I am glad.  It's done.

I do have a little work to do on Cassie's present.  It's a Bosnas from Ikea.  In black.  I would have loved to get the white, but small kids and white.  Not likely.  Black and currently plain.  Which is what I plan to finish up.  I am going to do some bright large flowers, something little girly and sweet, maybe a butterfly or two, but something bright and fun to stand out against the black. 

So be prepared to see some very sweet little things happening around here.

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