Sunday, 11 December 2016


It was a weekend of baking but only little things, and chasing kids and sorting boxes and bags of stuff at the new place to where I will decamp in a month or so. 

There was knitting too, but only in tiny moments before and after everything else.

Just a plain ordinary sock.  It's the yarn that captured me.  This is probably my newest yarn, purchased one day when I was in town and had nothing to knit.  This is also the yarn that was missing in October and November.  Maybe now everybody else can see what I saw when I first bought this yarn.

First green and rich and dark. Then patterning. Then blues and brown and stripes! I have loved watching it happen on the needles.

There is a lot of blue but in my minds eye, I didn't see such clear stripes.  I knew the patterning would be there, but the little green line between sections just  blew my expectations away. It's just fascinating how many variations on a theme sock yarn designers can come up with.

Captivated once again.

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