Monday, 21 November 2016


That went about how I planned.  NOT.

I didn't knit a stitch yesterday and only a very little on Saturday.  I do get what the frizzeled worn out feeling is about though.  My throat is scratchy and sore.  I'm sick.  It's no consolation of course but it is explanation.

I did dig into my yarn boxes and have done a bit of looking for my next project.  Colourwork is next up.  I have a coat like garment to knit and I want a new pair of mitts.

One of the knitters I knit with loves mittens.  I see her popping out new pairs so effortlessly.  I would like that, but I get bogged down in the effortless part.  Mittens mean following a pattern for me.  Still I need some and I think I ought to knit rather than buy. 

It's warmer that way.  Time to pull out the good book.

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