Thursday, 17 November 2016


I decided to go out to the evening knitting group here.  I am so glad I did.   I needed knitting and something to carry it in.  I dug under the pile. 

I found all of the missing knitting. I hadn't been able to find this one bag of yarn, since I came back from my mom's.  Found.  And in a way I am not surprised.

It was the only plain sock knitting I have on the go right now and losing just irritated me.  Found in my big old work bag with all the other things I might possibly need to knit while I was gone. 

I also found the little mitten I had started for Marcus. 

It's from the yarn I made his socks out of.  It just seemed fun to give him mittens from the remains.  I am really happy to see this again.

I found something else too. 

In my last job, I worked with one of the nicest gentlemen I ever met.  Just a gem.  Another lady he knew  came to work in scheduling and I formed a really nice relationship with her.  We tried to keep in touch after we both left the company but life, moves, cell number changes got in the way.  And we lost contact a year ago.  

I walked into the library where the knitters meet and walked past the first sitting area.  I casually glanced at the people sitting there, and walked a few steps further.  And turned right around and dropped my bags and gave this lovely lovely lady a giant hug.  Friend.  Found.  

The knitting is nice to find again, but finding a friend is priceless. found is a good way to end a day.

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