Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A Stash

What with the small acquisition yesterday, I realized just how long it is since I did any real maintenance on my stash recorded at Ravelry. 

I do like having it there.  It's really handy for dreaming and planning future knits.  It is the first yarn store you go to every day and it is the one you should shop at first. 

But if you don't maintain that record, then how will you know, and how will you track and record it?  Everybody has their way, of course.  Mine just happens to be Raveley.  It's been just over three years since I did any real work on it.  It was a round to it sort of project .  I wanted to take photos this time too, so that I don't have to search for colours when I am looking on Ravelry too. 
It's a big job and there is going to be a reckoning. 

It will be a while,till I get there.  One more move to go and then peace and tranquility?  Maybe.

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