Friday, 30 September 2016

Wondering what happened to Thursday?

Me too.  i have no idea where it went but it sure did go.  ah well.

I did the final bind off on Isaac's sweater yesterday.  All the knitting is done.  Only ends to weave in and the zipper facing to be sewn to it's final resting place.

It's going to look great!  And it will fit him for sure.  In fact, I hope it isn't too large.  I know he likes it a little large so I am hoping it is exactly what he likes in a sweater.

Hmm.  It also appears that I have to sew the side seams on the pockets too.   

I think I will see him this weekend, so there is a little pressure to get it all done.  

Then just one more must knit till I am free to knit for me, and to knit more than socks.

There was also a little sock knitting.  This was completed.

And for my commenter yesterday, the yarn is Paton's Kroy and the needles are 2.25, which is a little tighter than I generally use, but the only reason I don't use it regularly is that 2.25 mm needles are harder than average to get in the shorter length I prefer (6 inches).  The needles are Susan Bates, and while they are good 8 inch needles, they don't stand up to the test I put them to.  They are all bent out of straight after just one firmly knit sock. 

It should also be noted that I added four stitches to the pattern, hiding it in each purl colum between pattern stitches.  I deviated from the pattern and knit a ribbed top of cuff and a heel flap heel rather than the short row heel as given.  Just to be ornery.

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