Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Debeached? Unbeached? Life is a...?

I completely missed posting this morning.  I did write a post but somewhere between completion and publishing, I think I fell asleep. 

So, until I find it, I will show you my lovely Wingspan. 

This is how it looks right at this moment.  My lovely little shawl, which I too think is so reminiscent of a beach, has been debeached. Completely separate from the needle.

My sweet Marcus, was found sitting in my chair with everything in his hands.  I held in my little screech and said  quite calmly 'Marcus, whatcha doin?'  And he said so earnestly,  'Hep you, Gramma'. 

His little hands and arms did look as I am sure knitting looks to little kids who are not quite 2.  I asked him if he was done, and if I could find him a show to watch on tv till his mommy and daddy came back in from visiting with friends from Ukraine.   He was good with that and he helped me put it carefully back in my bag.  We moved slowly and it doesn't look as if any stitches have even been dropped in our careful and oddly gentle handling of the yarn.  Oddly gentle for a 2 year old. 

It's back in the bag now, where grandma should have put it in the first place.

He is the most inquisitive child and he moves fast.  I know better than to keep my things out for him to help with. All my fault. I know life with this little boy.

This was him when I got home today.  His pappa went to the back door to unlock it, and went straight back to watch Marcus with the markers.  Less than 30 seconds and Marcus looks like he has a full body tattoo.  That is life with Marcus. I gave him a smiley face on his shoulder.  No way could it have made any difference!

Moral of the day:  If you don't want to be debeached, grandma, don't leave it out!

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