Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Super Grandma

I have been working a lot on socks the last while.  They are just about the only thing that I can work on while babysitting.

You have seen Cassie's socks in progress somewhere in the last few weeks but Marcus's were done much earlier in spring.  I knit his up but left the heel because I wanted the socks to fit as long as possible.  Let's face it.  A little boy isn't going to wear socks in summer and his feet could grow a lot before fall.  Afterthought heels were the best solution for Marcus.

Late the other night, I snipped a stitch in the midde of the sock tube, pulled one strand of yarn back on either side.picked up all the live stitches that resulted and here we are.  One tiny split wide open tube, ready for a heel.

And here we have it.  Socks for the pair of my sweeties.  Both of these have been torture tested by the giftees.

Cassie wore her almost the whole day with the ends tucked in and I had to get daddies help to get the socks off Marcus' feet after trying them on for size and for heel placement.  He likes them that much.

The bright orange are Supersocke Neon Color and are Marcus' and the lovely purple turquoise and grey socks are Cassie's of some Meilenwiet I think.

I have some ends to weave in and I want to put that rubbery stuff on the bottom of the soles so they don't slip too much on the newly smooth floors (renovations of flooring). Cassie has advised me though, that she needs to be able to spin because these nice socks make her feel like a ballerina.

Not 100 percent sure how I will do that, but some days, in her eyes, when I am not naughty grandma, I am super grandma.  Personally, I think I am somewhere between, but I suppose if I think on it, I will know just what to do.

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