Sunday, 3 July 2016

Turning water (??) into...

Everybody has it.  Dishcloth cotton.  Little tub?  A couple of skeins?  Somewhere out there I am sure there are knitters who don't have it, but I do, and well, it is high time for some truth.

It isn't one of my favourite things and knitted and crocheted dishcloths have not been my favourite thing to work with for a while now.  I probably shouldn't admit to that, but I have come to love the micro fibre cloths for many many things. But, at least one of my daughter in laws likes them a lot. 

I have a place where this can go!

My space is at a premium right now and I needed to dump this or use it so that a nicer yarn could sit where this was just marking time and taking up space.  Not a new yarn, just yarn that needed to go into a better place.

I am going to make a stack of dishcloths for one daughter in law and I am going to make some duster covers for my other daughter in law, and at least one Swifer type broom bottom for each. 

I started working on that plan today.

This was two ends of very coordinating yarn scraps.  One was a bit of Handicrafter cotton and the other a leftover Wendy Supreme (I think) from a puppet project I did a while ago.  Each is about the size of a woman's hand, perhaps just a wee bit larger, but not too large in a plain garter stitch.

Generic.  Ordinary, but still knitting.  Between visiting with my kids and my folks and grandchildren,  that was all I got done, but it is good and I am content.  It's a nice feeling when you have a project in mind that will empty a whole tub, a small one, but one whole tub.  I like that.  Feels like I am getting things done.

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