Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Something else

Last evening, when I got home, I settled down to knit.  There should have been another set of dishcloths, but I found that I had left my workbag in the car.  I was ready to sit so I picked up something else.  and what a something else it is.

Way back I was knitting a shawl for my daughter in laws grandmother but I was deeply dissatisfied by the quality of my knitting.  I was rowing out and it showed badly.  I bound off the work, and packed it away, knit something else (a Big Shetland Shawl) that better hid my skills.  It was packed away with the laceweights and mostly forgotten about.  I even deleted the Ravelry project page.

As I prepared to move back to the big house, I found the printed pages with my chart notes for it.  It made me wonder if I could sort it out the small part shawl again and not have to start completely over.  When I was going through things a few weeks ago, I pulled out the yarn and the bit of work and thought maybe I would do it for me.

Feeling entirely too lazy to go out and get my workbag, I sat down to see if I could sort out what was what on this bit of a thing. 

The project is Onerva.  It is a simple lace and yet truly stunning.  You don't need complex designs to be stunning and this is stunning.

It is made of delicate bands of small beads.  Many people have continued the bead bands through their entire shawl.  Some have done a large plain center.  The original shawl is a triangle half square and I am going somewhere a little different.  Another repeat or so and I am going to restart the beaded bands. 

 Such a lovely thing from bands of small beads.  It is such a lovely thing to knit and now it is just for me. 

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