Thursday, 28 July 2016

So. Socks

Your good morning this morning comes from Isaac.  This is Isaac.

He woke up early today, but he is busy watching a movie under there.  He and I had movie night.  He slept on a fold out chair and I slept on a chair and ottoman.  This required many blankets and tons and tons of pillows. We watched Space Chimps and then Frosty the Snowman. Frosty won over other movies because it was shorter than most and we didn't want to stay up too late past our bedtime.  If you have never had a movie night with your grandkids, you should.  It isn't a big thing, it is just that the sharing of something simple is so incredibly perfect.

So.  Socks.

I started a pair of Geek Socks.  It is from this giant ball of yarn. Regia 6 ply in a wonderful range of bright cheery colours.  150m grams for a pair of slightly heavier weight socks.  If you can't fathom the difference between a sport weight yarn and a fingering weight yarn, there is no clearer picture to be had than a ball of fingering weight sock yarn and a 6ply sock yarn.

Moreso, it seems bright and cheery in the ball.  In the actual knitting, I am not so sure.

There is a swath of a soft green  after the lime and the peach isn't quite so bright as it looked in the ball.  It is early on in the process and judging it is a bit unfair yet.  But it is pure clean stripes and perfect for this pattern.

So. Socks.  Yet another pair, but a really interesting one that may yet yield its own rewards.

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