Thursday, 14 July 2016

Desperately needing to knit more.

I am sitting upstairs this morning.  The little people are up and it is sunny out.  It is bound to be a busy day.  If I am lucky, there will be a little knitting.  So far, on the busy days, I haven't been that lucky and there has not been a lot of knitting.  A little on a dishcloth.  A row on the shawl.

The one thing that is really hard living here is keeping some of an independent life.  Yesterday was a good example.  I went up when the kids were up right about 7 a.m.  (Delete whiny section) and what with one thing and another, grandma was still with kiddies at 8 when she cried uncle and went down to her room.  By 9 grandma - me - was in bed.

I am trying pretty hard to keep a bit of a life of my own, keeping to some things that are just for me and are not about kids.  But right now, it is even hard to make time to knit. Once the renos are done, it should get better.  Once summer is done and the yardwork is over, it should get better.  It should get better.

Till then, I am gnashing my teeth, hanging on by a thread, desperately need to knit more.  


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